Our technical team is concentrate on various fluorination reactions, including both nucleophilic and electrophilic fluorination as well as radical perfluoroalkylation. We provide fluorinated pharmaceutical intermediates, fluorinated electronic chemicals and materials, and other fluorinated fine chemicals.

• Nucleophilic fluorination with MF (KF, CsF etc.), HF reagents (aHF, Py.nHF, Et3N.nHF etc.), sulfurated fluorinated reagents (SF4, DAST, BAST etc.) and so on.

• Electrophilic fluorinated with ‘N-F’ reagents such as Selectfluor, NFSI etc.

• Trifluoromethylation with CF3TMS, CF3COOH, CF3SO2Na, FSO2CF2COOMe and so on.

• Electrophilic trifluoromethylation with Umemoto and Togni reagents.

• Transformation of per/polyfluoroalkyl halides and other fluorinated synthetic building-blocks.

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